Friday, 26 January 2018


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Friday, 19 January 2018


I was barely 13-years-old and in Form 2 in secondary school when I read a novel that impacted much on me and later influenced me in becoming an erotic fiction writer. I am talking of Dillibe Onyeama’s novel, Sex is a Nigger’s Game published in London in 1976 by Satellite Books. It was erotically graphic and left nothing to my already fecund imagination.
Mind you, Sex is a Nigger’s Game was not the first erotic novel that I read. In fact, I had been introduced to erotic literature wayback in primary school! I lived with an uncle who bought Playboy, Penthouse, Variation, Mayfair and other foreign smut titles that he read religiously and carefully hid them away supposedly out of my reach, but I always devised ways and means to get them to read no matter where he hid them. I even read Alex Comfort’s bestseller, The Joy of Sex when I was in primary school even though I did not understand much of what was written there.
So, I was no stranger to smut literature when I read Sex is a Nigger’s Game. But what made the novel profound for me was that it was written by an African (a Nigerian) with a pan-African theme and focus. If you ask me, I would describe it as a “Black supremacist erotica.” The illustration on the cover of the first edition, says it all. It has a Black man holding a very big banana or plantain if you wish, and standing behind and looking at him with obvious envy and embarrassment, is a Whiteman who is holding a very tiny banana.
The banana in the illustration represents manhood (the penis) and the message is clear: Black men are sexually endowed and possess very big penises to the envy of lesser sexually endowed White men. Indeed the protagonist in the story was a very well-endowed African student in Britain who was the toast of White women. So good was he in bed that some White folks hired him to screw their wives to satisfy their sexual cravings.
Published at a time when the pan-Africanist movement was at its peak and the liberation struggle against Apartheid was beginning to gain international momentum, Sex is a Nigger’s Game was embraced by the Black Community from Africa to Europe, North America and beyond despite its explicit sexual content and the profuse use of the “N" word.
It was also the era of sexual liberalism and the sub themes of voyeurism, swinging lifestyle, cuckolding and open marriages that the novel explored, resonated well with readers beyond the Black Community.    
That Black men have bigger dicks and are better in bed than Caucasians and men of other races, is still a topic of global debate. While some people argue that sexual prowess and endowment are individual thing and have nothing to do with race, there are confirmed and reliable studies/statistics that indicate that the average Blackman is better endowed “cockwise” and have a longer staying power in bed than men of other races. That is why sex is a Nigger’s game. It is also an open secret that sleeping with a Black man is about the sweetest taboo in the fantasy list of many White women. And like they say in porn, once White women “go Black” (a euphemism for sleeping with a Black man) they hardly go back.
These were the myths (?) that were explored and romanticized by Dillibe Onyeama in Sex is a Nigger’s Game. Himself a victim of racial discrimination in Britain, Dillibe Onyeama gave the impression in Sex is a Nigger’s Game that the Whiteman may be better is several areas than the Blackman but when it comes to sex and satisfying women, the Blackman is a clear leader.
It is noteworthy that before Onyeama’s Sex is a Nigger’s Game was published, Naiwu Osahon had in 1971 published Sex is a Nigger in Lagos with a similar theme.  I read Osahon’s Sex is a Nigger much later and while I found it entertaining from a sexual point of view, it didn’t have the sort of mature plot and pan-Africanist focus of Sex is a Nigger’s Game.
This month (January,) Dillibe Onyeama will be 67 and this piece is a dedication to him. He remains one of my writing mentors and I do no pretend that I have copied copiously, his literary style in Sex is a Nigger’s Game in my works. He currently lives in Enugu where he runs a publishing company, Delta Publication Ltd. Apart from Sex is a Nigger’s Game, he wrote 25 other bestselling novels including his remarkable debut, Nigger at Eton that chronicled his days as a student in the prestigious Eton College in Britain and the racial discrimination he faced there.  Other novels he wrote include Juju, Revenge of the Medicine Man, John Bull’s Nigger, etc.

Sunday, 7 January 2018


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Sunday, 24 December 2017


Paul, a reader of Best Lover magazine who lives in Cross River State, told me of a problem he is having in his household and I feel I should share it with others.
According to Paul, he used to have a girlfriend even though he was married with kids. The girlfriend was also his secretary in the office but she was a divorcee then with a child. “I used to wear condom any time I slept with her,” Paul disclosed to me. ”But one day when we were in bed, she removed the condom I was wearing. I asked her why and she told me it was not necessary since we had known each other for long. She said there was no need for us to continue to use condom… Unfortunately, I was in the mood already and I couldn’t insist on wearing a condom so we made love like that without a condom for the first time…
“After that day, any time we wanted to have sex and I talked of condom, she would resist it. Eventually, I stopped talking about condom and we were having sex skin to skin…  Then one day after about four of five months or so, she told me she was pregnant for me. I was really surprised when she told me this.”
“Why would it surprise you?” I asked Paul. “If you’re not using protection with a woman, the natural consequence of course is pregnancy.”
“Honestly, I thought she was on some contraceptives.”
“Well, you should have asked her and ensure she was actually on contraceptives before you continue to bang her without condom but you didn’t do that.”
“That was my mistake,” he conceded. “I didn’t know she had the intention of hooking me with pregnancy. When I suggested an abortion she said capital NO. Since she was my secretary, she knew a lot about me. She knew most of my relations in town including my mother and she started going to meet them and telling them that she was pregnant for me and I was trying to force her to abort the baby.”
“So what did your family people say?” I asked Paul.
”They insisted I should marry her.”
”And you married her?”
“I have to, Mr Jerry. I married her because there was really pressure on me. To start with, my first wife had two children and they are all girls. So my family people especially my mother was saying maybe God was going to give me a baby boy through her and I could be throwing away my blessing if I didn’t marry her.”
“So you’re married to this lady now as your second wife?”
“Yes Mr Jerry, she’s my second wife now. That’s where I’m coming to. Just be patient, I’ll tell you what’s going on now.”
“No problem, I’m listening.”
”Actually, she had a baby boy when she delivered and I was happy. My family people were happy for me that I had a baby boy at last.”
“What of your first wife, how did she take it?”
“Well, no woman would be happy in such a situation but the good thing about her is that she didn’t make trouble for me or my second wife. She kind of accepted her fate even though she may not have liked what had happened.”
“You’re a lucky guy then,” I stated.
“Ah! I’m not lucky o, Mr Jerry. There’s problem o. That’s where I’m coming to.”
“What’s the problem?”
“For some months now, I’ve been having weak erections…”
“Weak erection is a common thing and there is solution.”
“The way I see it, this one is not ordinary weak erection.”
“How do mean?”
“The thing is that I can have sex normally with my second wife and I enjoy her a lot. I don’t have weak erection when I sleep with her. In fact, my erection is super strong when I meet her. But when I meet my first wife, there is problem. I can’t have erection that is strong enough to have sex with her.”
At that point, I agreed with Paul that there was a problem cos this was no ordinary weak erection. But I asked him: “Have you tried any other woman apart from your first wife to know if…”
“Yes,” he cuts in. “I was in Abuja roughly two weeks ago for our NEC meeting because I’m in the Exco of my professional body and we had our NEC meeting in Abuja about two weeks ago. I used the opportunity to get one lady and took her to my hotel room but I could not perform! The lady walked out on me. On getting to Ogoja, I slept with my second wife easily and when I attempted to sleep with my first wife the second day, it was the same old story.”
Na wao!” I muttered helplessly.
“It’s terrible; I don’t know how to explain it. It’s like a spiritual thing…It’s just like the story of Madam Rose that you wrote about in your column last month… When I was reading it I felt this was like what I’m going through. That’s why I said I should call and discuss with you and if there is anybody who can offer advice or suggestions let me know. I discussed the matter with some of my friends and one or two of them said my second wife must have done something so that I would not be able to sleep with any other woman except her. They advised that I see a spiritualist who can cast out the spell or juju before it’s too late. This whole thing is surprising to me. I have used several erection enhancing drugs before but they didn’t help. But when I visit my second wife, drug or no drug, my erection would be full and hard.”
When he finished talking, I assured Paul that I would bring the matter to the notice of thousands of Best Lover readers for their candid advice and suggestions. He pleaded with me to do so quickly but subject to the condition that I don’t reveal his full identity and his phone number to which I acceded.
Actually I have heard this sort of story before but this was the first time someone would be telling me it actually happened to him not that he heard it from somewhere. My rational mind used to dismiss stories like these but after listening to Mr Paul I began to think otherwise.

So folks let’s do it as we always do it here. Send your advice, suggestions, comments, etc concerning Mr Paul’s matter to 08033377115. Same will be forwarded to him and some of the comments will also be published in subsequent editions of Best Lover for the benefit of other readers. You are also free to drop a comment here.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

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Monday, 2 October 2017

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